Dear Royal Friends,

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday.  We can be sure that fat & furry stuffed Steiffs, bon mot candied hearts, and Godzilla-sized Godivas will be buzzing around town like blue-arsed flies. (A distant cousin of Shooflies, but never caught dead in a pie.) It got me to thinkin’ of a time way back, when we kiddies exchanged  Valentine’s Day cards in class. There was always some mystery clowns who sent me their Valentine signed “Guess Who.”

That never much bothered me.  I figured if my Secret Valentines were too shy to fess up, it never hurt to have their good vibes thrown in my direction.

When I think about it now,  I realize that each of us has legions of Secret Valentines who exist in our lives that won’t ever declare themselves,  yet send us silently palpable goodwill.  These Secret Valentines are the good and kind people in our lives who help us and watch over us in unobtrusive ways, who fashion safety nets of encouragement when we need steadfastness,  who send signs and symbols from the heavens at opportune times.  These folks include sisters and brothers, parents and children, friends, relatives, teachers, nurses and doctors. It includes an administrator who helps you fill out a form, a cafeteria worker who gives you extra chips with your hoagie, a teen who lets you use his phone on a train when you forgot yours…even some extra licks from a beloved pet when you need a hug.

This Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t get a pony pant load of cards or certifiably cheesy romantic stuff, please know there are  minions of silent “Guess Who’s” circling you with their warm thoughts and well wishes, their soothing energies and goodwill, their heavenly prayers… their secret, sacred smiles.

Please know too, that I am grateful to all my “Guess Who” Valentine’s whom I may never personallyknow.  Your generous spirit and kind thoughts are bright lights in my kingdom.  I can honestly feel them. I hope I can be a light in yours.


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