Bonjour! I’m Princess Diane von Brainisfried®

Motivational Speaker.  Award-Winning Writer.  Certified Life Coach.  Breast Cancer Survivor.  Offering seminars and coaching using humor to inspire happiness.


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I’m Princess Diane Von Brainisfried.

I’m on a mission: To be a Royal Ambassador for Positivity in the World.

Here’s what I do about it: I teach new ways of Being and Seeing through humor-laced seminars, workshops, talks, and my blog that promote Happiness, Optimism, and Positivity.

When I’m not busy giving seminars on positivity and purpose, or coaching my illustrious mentees (not related to manatees) you might find me blogging my brains out at my palace desk, smashing Champagne bottles over the bows of ships or attending swanky charity balls.  I also write screenplays and musicals under my  nom de plume, Diane Young Uniman.

I’m also an opera singer, lawyer, punster, philosopher, entrepreneur, wife, mom to two large land animals called boys, Francophile, and French bulldog obsessor.  I’m also a  breast cancer survivor.


I’m so excited that you can now get my book, Bonjour Breast Cancer! I’m still smiling…wit, wisdom, and optimism for beating breast cancer blues.

My Story

Nowadays, I jump out of bed every morning ready to face the day with joy. But there was a time when I didn’t – I enjoyed my career as a lawyer, but felt like I wasn’t living my authentic life.

Learn more about my journey, and why I can help you fill that half-empty goblet!

What’s my unique, passionate purpose?


To be a Royal Ambassador for Positivity in the World.


To sanctify the French Bulldog.


To help plant giggles in your day.


To be a Royal Ambassador for Positivity in the World.


To sanctify the French Bulldog.


To help plant giggles in your day.

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An Ebullient Guide

Brainisfried’s bubbling with practical and fresh ideas on the topic of how to get royally happy and radically fulfilled. Step-by-step she guides you on a journey inside your heart and mind to help you find what makes your heart sing.


Somerset, NJ

What an Inspiration!

Deep insights delivered with punch & humor. Makes you think and laugh. Her ideas on how to find your unique sense of passionate purpose were themselves unique. She totally inspired me to find mine!

M. Brand

Metuchen, NJ

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