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An Acceleration Course: Power Up Happiness and a Positive Brain to Fuel Success

It’s known as the “Happiness Advantage.” The happier you are, the greater your chances for success in your personal life, health, and work. Positivity fosters optimal brain function! The humor-filled VIP DAY teaches happiness habits and positivity strategies.

Perfect for busy execs, entrepreneurs, and people who want everything yesterday!


Course Description (One Day, morning and afternoon sessions):
Studies show that positive brains have a biological advantage over negative brains or even neutral brains. In one study, doctors given a lollipop by their patients (they weren’t allowed to eat it!) were twice as fast at making a correct diagnosis. In the VIP DAY Acceleration Course, you’ll discover science-based strategies and principles that promote happiness, optimism, and positivity for optimal performance at work and in life.

Topics Include how to:

  • REFRAME your thinking to find opportunities instead of seeing problems
  • REPLACE self-defeating talk with empowering words for a Winning Attitude
  • TAME fears, worries, and circling thoughts
  • BECOME more resilient to think great solutions…even under stress.
  • PRACTICE mindfulness to reduce stress and increase focus and productivity
  • DISCOVER game-changing, sustainable Happiness Habits
  • LEARN to think like an optimist, why it’s important, and why it’s not la la land
  • FIND ways to incorporate gratitude practices to boost your happiness quotient.
  • STAY motivated on your path to success
  • GAIN the “Happiness Advantage” and optimal brain function from a positive mindset


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