Bonjour! I’m Princess Diane von Brainisfried®

Motivational Speaker.  Award-Winning Writer.  Certified Life Coach.  Breast Cancer Survivor.  Offering seminars and coaching using humor to inspire happiness.


Want to have some fun and learn a life lesson too?

Tune into one of my videos while I’m out and about in my kingdom or musing at my palace desk.

Clips from a seminar that I recently presented virtually for Wakefern Corporation.

Conversations with Calvin Schwartz – We the Species.

TV Interview with Dr. Nicole Cross, Spectrum News, Austin TX

Speaker at American Cancer Society-Rutgers Relay for Life 2019

Speaker, American Cancer Society-Rutgers Relay for Life 2020 (Virtual)
4 Keys for Beating the Breast Cancer Blues

How to Handle that Pretzel feeling from Overwhelm and Fear & Book Coming Soon

How to take the first steps to happiness!

My Father’s Wisdom for Handling Hardships

Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the pits! Watch here and learn a powerful, positivity tip for Breast Cancer thrivers.

Click here for the delicious ancient, secret recipe for Palace Acorn Squash! Handed down from the royal family of Von Brainisfried. First time ever revealed to the public!

Princesses, we must stand up for our right to be unique!

Everyone starts a dream somewhere. Where are you going to start your dream? This is the start of one of mine. Introduction to Princess Diane Von Brainisfried.

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Princess with Pooch

7 Insanely Simple Happiness Strategies Every Princess Must Have!

PLUS princess-worthy updates for a royally happy life!

Put Zing in Your Step!

Funny and fresh take on how to put a zing in your step and slap a smile on your face! I can’t wait to check out her programs!

U. A.

Little Silver, NJ

Totally Worth It!

Princess D’s energetic presentation and spontaneity made me smile, laugh out loud, think about taking MY next step! Thoroughly worth it!!!

Sophia B.

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