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Praise for

Bonjour, Breast Cancer I’m Still Smiling!

What the Doctor Ordered

Witty and serious, fun and rigorous, this book is exactly what the doctor (and psychologist) would prescribe! Bonjour, Breast Cancer—I’m Still Smiling! can be a life changing and life affirming gift to any cancer patient and to anyone else afflicted by physical or psychological illness.

Tal Ben-Shahar

Best-selling author of "Happier" and "Choose the Life You Want"

Guidebook for Survival

The beauty of this book is that a person doesn’t need to have breast cancer to learn and incorporate the wisdom that Princess Diane imparts. It is truly a guidebook for survival. A person facing a diagnosis of any disease or condition that has turned that person’s world upside down can take her words to heart, act on them, and come out seeing with new eyes and smiling with refreshed optimism. I am a primary care physician and will be recommending this book to many as they try to find ways to manage their conditions and emotions to a better sense of wellbeing.

Teresa Schaer, MD

Internist and Geriatrician, Signature Health Solutions

You Need This Book

I’ll be honest: I don’t like cancer. More honesty: I really do like breasts. All the honesty: The only way I can even think about breast cancer is through the genuine, inspirational, positive, and above all, funny words of Princess Diane von Brainisfried. Whether you think you need this book or not, you do. It’s a comforting guide on the road trip to the rest of your life. Read it!

Jeff Kreisler

Comedian, speaker, and best-selling author of "Get Rich Cheating"

Humorous and Practical

Diane strikes the perfect notes! She is a comfort and inspiration to anyone diagnosed with breast cancer and anyone who is helping someone through it. She packs the humor of our humanity with practical information to navigate this all-too-common disease. In truth, there is inspiration for everyone. By sharing her journey, Diane taps into her power and can help any of us tap into ours. When we do that, we are in alignment and make smart choices that bring personal happiness. This is a book you will want to own.

Ellen Berenholz

Founder, Executive Director Pagus: Africa

A Wonderful Hug

I have always labeled myself as “Pollyanna.” When our house burned, I saw it as a decorating opportunity. When my father was dying, it brought me and my siblings together. But when I had my breast cancer scare (and I was fortunate—it was only a scare), I felt my world spinning out of control. My wonderful husband offered to leave work, but I said no. If he came, it would have made the in-office biopsy too real. So I sat stoically alone while they prepared me for the procedure. As I left the doctor’s office, an older gentleman was walking up the stairs. He must have seen the barely concealed panic on my face and asked if I was okay. I looked at him and asked the perfect stranger for a hug. I will never forget that hug or the kindness this stranger shared with me. Bonjour, Breast Cancer—I’m Still Smiling! is a wonderful hug. I smiled, laughed, cried, and cheered. We are indeed in the presence of a gracious, kind princess.

Michelle Schaap, Esq., CIPP/US

Member, Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC

Powerfully Optimistic

This book is brilliant, witty, poignant, profound, funny, inspiring, and so well written. I absolutely love how Princess Diane weaves psychological theory and research with personal stories and meaningful quotes and allegories. She made me laugh out loud, cry, and think. She’s a warrior, and this book is powerfully optimistic!

Hannah Bubis

President, Cre8MediaHub

A Guts-and-Grace Look at Breast Cancer

In her book Bonjour, Breast Cancer—I’m Still Smiling!, the message and meaning received from Diane’s wit, courage, humor, and honesty provide a fresh guts-and-grace look into what it means to be touched by unexpected breast cancer. The down and up are all part of the process. Having a guide to help you ride the waves, honestly think, imagine and see things differently, feel your truth, and smell and taste the edges of the terrifying moments of choice when there is no clear path is something anyone dealing with breast cancer will benefit from. Diane shows us a new way to show up for life, no matter what shows up!

Debbie Rosas

Founder of Nia Technique Movement Art

Bonjour, Breast Cancer - I'm Still Smiling! book cover

Award Gold Ribbon

I am honored that Bonjour, Breast Cancer – I’m Still Smiling! has received the following awards:

Independent Author Network – Winner for Nonfiction, Health/Medical category

Living Now Book Awards Medalist – Evergreen Category
Special category to commemorate world-changing books honored for their contributions to positive global change

International Book Awards Finalist – Women’s Health Category

Today’s Honoree, the #1 Blog for recognizing the work of others

#1 on Book Authority’s BEST NEW BREAST CANCER BOOKS to read in 2020

Midwest Book Review, “Reviewer’s Choice” for Health/Medicine

In the Press Gold Ribbon

Here’s what some of the media are saying about Bonjour, Breast Cancer – I’m Still Smiling!

Beverly Hills Times

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