Bonjour! I’m Princess Diane Von Brainisfried™

Motivational Speaker.  Certified Life Coach.  Award-Winning Writer.  Breast Cancer Survivor.  Offering seminars and coaching using humor to inspire happiness.

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diane uniman

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Contact me…

diane uniman

To register for seminars, workshops and events: Using the contact form below, please let me know what you are interested in attending and I will respond with registration details.

To inquire about life coaching: Please use this form and either I or my French bulldog will get back to you in a royal jiffy.


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Live your royally happy life!™




Live your royally happy life!™

An Ebullient Guide

Brainisfried’s bubbling with practical and fresh ideas on the topic of how to get royally happy and radically fulfilled. Step-by-step she guides you on a journey inside your heart and mind to help you find what makes your heart sing.


Somerset, NJ

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