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How to Put More “ZEN” in Your Work Day

Lessons in Positivity, Encouragement, Cooperation, Mindfulness, and Inner Peace in the Work Place

In this humor-filled course, you’ll learn strategies to foster and model a positive, encouraging, cooperative, stress-reduced work environment whether you work inside or outside the home.



Course Description (90 Minutes):

More “ZEN” in the workplace stands for:

Z=Zone of Positivity-creating a positive mindset to make a better day for you everyone else

E=Encouragement of self and others

N=Now-mindfulness and being present


Topics Include:

  • Ways to encourage yourself and co-workers
  • How to foster a sustainable positive mindset
  • Strategies to create a supportive environment
  • Mindfulness practices to become more present
  • Tips for gaining inner calm in a stressed-out world
  • Fun work hacks to make your “to do” list love you
  • Techniques for exercising emotional intelligence when someone is frustrating or annoying you (or both!)
  • How to cultivate trust


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