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Motivational Speaker.  Certified Life Coach.  Award-Winning Writer.  Breast Cancer Survivor.  Offering seminars and coaching using humor to inspire happiness.

The Secret of Success is in the Magic of Vic’s Lawn

Today’s Princess Positivty Pointer is about one of the big secrets of success, and it’s hidden in the secret of Vic’s lawn. I once had a neighbor named Vic. He had the most impeccable, verdant lawn I have ever seen. You know how they say the grass is always greener at someone else’s house, meaning it’s not? Well it was. Vic’s grass was greener…greener than mine, greener than the guy across the street, greener than everyone’s. It was kind of a neighborhood joke, but underneath, everyone, including me, was kind of green about it. Read more…

Confidence boosting secret phrase every princess should know

Bonjour Royal Friends ~ I’m Princess Diane Von Brainisfried and welcome to my kingdom, where positivity rules and where you’re encouraged and empowered to live your royally happy, radically fulfilled, richly meaningful life. Today I want to talk to you about how to boost your confidence. I learned this little gem of a secret when I was a corporate lawyer working on many new projects at the same time. It helped me get a confidence boost when I wasn’t sure I knew what I was doing, but I had to do press forward anyway. Read more…

Soul renovations-Be careful the address you call yourself

Welcome to my kingdom, where you’ll find Princess Positivity Pointers for your royally happy life. Easter and Passover recently converged, holidays that remind us of renewal. In the spirit of renewal, today I want to talk to you about being careful of the address you call yourself. I hereby request that if you are prone to inner smack talk, I’d like you to consider building a new, more soul satisfying inner address that’s fortified with beauty and self-appreciation and that reflects the amazing princess you are!  Let me tell you a story to illustrate….

Stranger on a Train: a lesson in love and getting what you want

The other day I had an exciting meeting in New York City for one of my newest musicals. As my fairy godmother had a bit of static with her wand, the pumpkin refused to turn into a coach and I had to take public transportation.  I made a mad dash to the station. To my relief, the next train had not yet left.  I quickly hopped into the first car and took a seat, happy that luck was shining on me.  Right before we started rolling, a middle-aged man in a blue cap and olive-green jacket stood up in the front of the aisle. I didn’t know it then, but what he had to say would change my heart forever….

Ladies, Stand Up for Your Right to be Unique!

Dear Royal Friends,                                                               Do you ever feel like society is conspiring to make you conform? From political speech (whether left, right or in between), to body types, to fashion, the pressure is on to have the...

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About the Author

About the Author

Princess Diane Von Brainisfried

My passion in life is to help women find the princess inside them and live their royally happy life!

I love writing, laughing, singing opera, groan-worthy puns, lightweight tiaras, and all things French (especially French Bulldogs).

Disclaimer: By using or viewing this website and these services of HarMaxiProductions, LLC dba as Princess Diane Von Brainisfried (hereinafter “Princess Diane Von Brainisfried”, “my”, “our”, “us”, “we”) you understand that such information is not intended nor otherwise implied to be medical advice or a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.      Read more...

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