Why gratitude is a princess’s super power

Why gratitude is a princess’s super power

I’m Princess Diane Von Brainisfried and it’s a joy to welcome you into my kingdom where positivity rules and kindness reigns. 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’d like to chat with you about one of the most powerful princess life-enhancing skills the palace pundits taught me when first I found out I was a princess. Now this was pretty recently if you’re counting kingdom years, which are like dog years, only multiply by 500 and not 7.   When the Palace Powers that Be found out about this newbie princess who seemed to fall out of the sky, they requested I take the infamous “Crash Course on Royal Comportment” (CCRC), and I obliged.

As many of my followers know, I believe everyone has a little royalty in them. Thus I promised in the beginning of my reign that I would share princess-hack worthy information that was passed down to me in my royal capacity, since nobody else will.  The fluff along with the important stuff. The following is in the latter category. 

The curriculum of the CCRC included the expected etiquette lessons, such as how to discretely expel the pits of an olive while wearing  elbow length white, silk, gloves at a royal banquet.  (Answer-don’t eat olives.) Or how to keep a smile plastered on your visage when your face tires after endless hours of meet & greets with foreign dignitaries. (Answer-invisible jaw tape.) But it was this next piece of palace punditry I learned during my CCRC that remains one of the most potent pieces of life-hackery that I have ever learned. It’s this: CLICK ON TITLE to continue…..XOXO

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