Don’t let stress steal your dreams when you first start out

Don’t let stress steal your dreams when you first start out

Welcome to my ‘tongue-in-chic’ life, style, and happiness guide from a funny princess point of view!

We’re often told that we should sail in the direction of our dreams.  That’s great, but we’re not often told how choppy the waters are on the way. Especially in the beginning when we’re just getting our sea legs. We’re not prepared for the rough waters facing us as we launch our boat. We don’t foresee the stressful moments that make us question our talents.

When I started my career as a lawyer, I certainly didn’t think I was Clarence Darrow, but I had enough gumption to start my own law practice in a quaint New Jersey town after a stint as an associate. My office was located on the first floor of a building next to a train station parking lot. My very first law client was a “walk in” off the street. I was excited to have any clients at all, so I didn’t question the method of his engagement. After all, wasn’t getting a “walk in” one of the benefits of having a first-floor office? 

The guy looked around my office, stopping to investigate each diploma and certification on my walls. After a few moments, he asked me how much it would cost to have his name changed. Nothing weird about that request. I pulled a number out of my head as I had no idea what something like that should cost. I had never done a name change for a client. I had never had a client! The next thing he asked me was weird, however. Weird and disturbing…in a huge way…..CLICK ON TITLE TO CONTINUE!

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