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Happiness Class

Would you like to know how I got my happiness mojo and optimism back after the shock and fear that came with my metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, two failed lumpectomies, a bi-lateral mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, powerful chemo, baldness, radiation and medical tattoos? I wanted to know too!

That’s why I did some major introspection to find out what the heck I was doing that enabled me to regroup and claim for myself a powerful new optimism and pathway to happiness and inner peace.   This workshop is the result of my determination to use what I learned to light the way for others.

In my live  workshop I share examples of how some of the smallest shifts in my thinking about my circumstance, my prognosis, my physical appearance, brought me huge and immediate relief from anxiety, fear and sadness. So much of breast cancer feels like a loss. I want to share how I turned so much of that “loss” on its head and put it in the plus column!  

Using research-based positive phycology principles and my own unique tried-and-true wisdom, we’ll dig deep into:

  • Learning happiness habits to beat the breast cancer blues
  • How to use your own brilliant mind to find answers
  • Cultivating resilience and optimism to help you through
  • Living with more courage and less fear
  • Pollyanna Princess Playbook-reframing to see the good
  • Watch your language! – empowerment through words
  • Finding the funny
  • Becoming miracle minded
  • Quick calming techniques to managing stress and overwhelm
  • Research-based ways to help your doctor foster optimism and still tell the truth
  • Discovering for yourself how breast cancer can be an amazing, life-affirming gift.

….and much more

This class is for anyone who has the desire to learn where the smiles live even in dark times, and the courage to turn a challenge into a transformational experience.

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