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For those of you who live in my neck of the woods….HAPPY SPRING! In the spirit of spring renewal, where life is a’buzz and a’bizzy with new growth and earth refreshings  I’d like to talk to you about a spring renewal reboot strategy you can use when you’re feeling daunted and deflated by big goals that seem too far out of reach. I’ve been there. This is one of the strategies I use to move out of a “defeat spot” back into my sweet spot!  

As a princess pundit of positivity, I teach strategies to help you see your goblet half full, not half empty. But let’s face it. Sometimes it’s a challenge to see your goblet half full, especially this time of year, when the sparkling trails of our New Year’s resolutions start sputtering.

If your spirits start sagging on the way to your goals and you’re feeling more stuck than successful, here’s a simple strategy to cultivate just as nature begins hinting at the renewal of things. The idea is to make a mindset shift to empower your mind with a positive perspective by calling in, by owning, by visualizing your future transformation NOW. Here’s the key:

“Focus on the butterfly, not the caterpillar.”

Any self-respecting caterpillar knows a thing or two about renewal. It knows it has a butterfly inside that will arise on the other side of transformation. In human terms, this means focus on where you’re going, not where you are.

The caterpillar doesn’t say to itself, “Oh woe is me. I’m just a crazy green accordion that crawls on its belly like a common worm and has hundreds of teeny-weeny feet.  How am I going to afford all these shoes?” No, the caterpillar tells itself it has a butterfly inside….and soon it won’t have to worry about shoes!

Likewise, say you set a goal to lose 100 pounds. You’ve been eating so many carrots the rabbits have boycotted your garden.  But the needle hasn’t moved much on the scale and you’re having doubts that reaching your goal is possible.  

Don’t tell yourself “I’ll never get into my favorite Little Black Dress again” or “How will I give up my farmer’s breakfast every morning?” Shift your focus away from your current reality and shine it on the transformation that awaits. Say things like, “I am excited that I have a healthy, fit body and I can move easily without strain on my knees and back. I am excited that I am a warrior for my health and I choose meals that promote my well-being.” Visualize yourself on the red carpet of life with the re-newed you that awaits.

Don’t focus on where you are; focus on your transformation. You’ll create a new momentum, an excitement, a surge of powerful energy that will support you on your journey to your goal.

And in the spirit of all things being connected, the next time you see a caterpillar, give it a wink, and say, “Hey kiddo, nice wings!”

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24 Powerful Motivational Quotes to Pump up Positivity


Put a tiara in your closet!

Subscribe now and get a FREE GIFT: 24 Powerful Motivational Quotes to Pump up Positivity!

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