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It’s the holiday season when joy and merriment abound. But everyone knows to beware the Grinch. The Grinch loves to steal your joy and merriment. Nothing would make a Grinch happier than to take your smile and hide it where the sun don’t shine.   

Do you know what else can steal your joy during this holiday season? A Grudge.  Nothing would make the Grinch happier this holiday season than for you to hold onto a Grudge. You see, the Grinch knows that there’s no better buzz kill for your own happiness and joy than a Grudge. 

Studies show Grudges are bad for your health. Grudges also make you feel less powerful.  Grudges create angry feelings, tons of stress, and piles of anxiety. And that makes a Grinch happier than a pig in a kosher deli.

The Grinch knows that a Grudge is the non-gift that keeps on giving.  A Grinch has to work at stealing your joy during the holiday season, but a Grudge steals your joy every season. Scratch that – every day.   If the Grinch knew you were holding onto a Grudge, he would tell you to hug it real tight. Never let it go. Keep the hardened heart. Keep the anger. Keep the burden. That would make the Grinch sing fah la la la la, la la, la, la all the way home, because you’d have done all his work for him. 

You’ve heard of the book Chicken Soup for the Soul? A Grudge’s book would be titled, Grudge Sludge for the Soul.

This holiday season full of sparkling lights and new starts, why not set your sights for flying lighter? Plug into your soul-ar power and practice radical forgiveness.  Make “Forgive to live” your Princess battle cry, and reclaim your rightful heights on the happiness spectrum.

Here’s a simple, painless technique for practicing radical forgiveness and letting go of your Grudge. When you find yourself feeling angry and bitter over something somebody’s done to you and you find yourself holding onto a Grudge…remember that you weren’t born with Grudge glue in your hand. Just take a momement to visualize opening your heart, opening your hands…. and simply set the Grudge down. 

May your holidays be all that you wish for and may all your Grudges bite the dust.

                          “Live your royally happy life!™”




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Princess and French Bulldog


Put a tiara in your closet!

Subscribe now and get a FREE REPORT: “7 insanely Simple Happiness Strategies” plus princess-worthy updates for a royally happy life!

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