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I’m Princess Diane Von Brainisfried and it’s a joy to welcome you into my kingdom where positivity rules and humor abounds. Here,  I share tips and secrets for living your royally happy, radically fulfilled, richly meaningful life!

Today I’d like to talk to you about not letting anyone shrink your heart.

Don’t let the crappy behavior of others cause you to shy back from flashing a smile, finding a kind word, or forging a connection.  You are a beautiful soul; don’t let anyone squeeze that out of you. I encourage you to live your life as the boldly loving, big-hearted royal you were meant to be. Keep your vibration high!

How does a person’s heart shrink? Say Lady G arrives at her posh Fifth Avenue office wearing that chic, bright yellow dress she just bought at Neiman Marcus for as much as her purple Prius — and a co-worker snarks, “Daffodils don’t work here.”  Lady G wants to smack the co-worker in the pie-hole.  But she doesn’t. There are laws. But the shmuck’s comment does a little something to her insides. Shrinkage! At lunch break for the next two years she flashes him a gratuitous smile…well…it would be a smile…if she were standing on her head.

Or, Duchess P meets an amazing artist at a red carpet event who is toooootally on the same wavelength.  They both gush and giggle and go  gaaa gaaa over each other. Both divinely profess how when they get back home, a dinner date is on the table.  The Duchess  reaches out.  The artist keeps dropping the ball. Dinner ends up not happening — a veritable goose egg.. Duchesse P doesn’t reach out again for fear of rejection. Something’s happening. Shrinkage!  

Snarky remarks.  Disrespect.  Loud ignorings.  Broken dates. Rejections at work and play. This stuff hurts! Over time, our heart wants to protect itself. I am going to say something radical here..don’t do that!  Don’t protect your heart by letting it shrink. Don’t become bitter, revengeful, retaliative, unloving, apathetic, disconnecting, fearful. Be bold! Be brave!  Don’t carry that stuff around with you. It’s too heavy. Life gets too hard living that way. You want to throw that baggage overboard and fly light through life. And why let other people turn you into someone you are not? 

What’s the key? The key is making the decision to be this way, and then exercising that decision every chance you get. Consider these slings and arrows that try and shrink your heart as your exercise coaches. Be grateful for them; they are making your positive energy and your loving heart stronger.

Here’s a little secret mantra that I use all the time that helps me stay open-hearted when I want to shrivel up and and join the Blue Meanie Brigade.  I keep it in my little red velvet pouch of positivity practices and pull it out as needed.  When something hurtful accosts me, I repeat over and over to myself, “They are doing the best that they can.”  Works like a charm! It changes my vibration faster than the time it takes to cook My Cousin Vinny’s magic  grits. 

I believe if you are reading this blog post, that means you are attracted into this space, which means you are on a similar, positive vibration. And that means your default mode is a big, open, loving heart. Don’t let anyone change that!  Besides, it is much easier to go through life with a lightness of spirit, a light heart, a wide open heart, than trying to shrink it to keep it safe around people who can hurt you. Don’t let others hurt you by undermining your own fabulously loving essential nature! 

They say be the change you want to see in the world. You want change? This is a biggie, my friends. Not many people are willing to be this way, and many will tell you it’s stupid. Many will tell you that you open yourself to being taken advantage of and walked on. I say, so what?! You have royal blood! You have a different agenda. You, with your unshrunken heart, are the human equivalent of a safe harbor for your friends, and anyone who comes in contact with you.

Stay the course, my royal friends. This is OUR kingdom. These our OUR rules. 

And by the way…..what’s not to love about daffodils?

“Live your royally happy life!™”




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Princess and French Bulldog


Put a tiara in your closet!

Subscribe now and get a FREE REPORT: “7 insanely Simple Happiness Strategies” plus princess-worthy updates for a royally happy life!

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