Bonjour My Royal Friends!    

I’m Princess Diane Von Brainisfried and it’s a joy to welcome you into our kingdom where Happiness Rules!  In our kingdom, you’ll strengthen your happiness muscles by learning the Royal H.O.P. — Happiness Habits, Optimism Opportunities & Positivity Practices that empower you to live your royally happy, radically fulfilled, richly meaningful life!

I can’t reinforce enough the idea that becoming happier is not something that just happens.  The process is like a muscle. What you exercise becomes stronger and what you don’t, weakens. What’s really magical is that by becoming happier and stoking your smile, you up the positive vibration of everyone around you… and you look and feel better too!  If you know someone who could use a royal dose of happiness, by all means take a moment to share this post. 

Today I’d like to talk to you about creating your very own Royal Credo.  As many of you know, I am a newbie princess.  I only recently discovered my royal roots when I discovered an ancient royal coat of arms on my father’s side of the closet; I assure you I got the legs from my mother’s side.

After learning I was a modern day princess, but not having access to Princess Protocol School, I had to learn the royal ropes as I went along.  Pretty soon it became clear to me that being a princess is not all Tatler & Tiaras. (Tatler being a high fallut’in British society mag.) No, in order to be an effective princess who did royal good deeds and spread positivity across the land, the kind of princess that the people in my kingdom deserved, I had to create a template for myself for what I wanted to stand for. What I wanted to focus on. What was going to create the meaning for my life that would make me happy and also that would make my reign count, which was kind of two sides of the same coin. That coin being solid gold, for sure.

I decided to create my very own Princess Credo. It was fun to do! I even went ahead and made it all fancy, as befitting someone of royal hair. I mean heir.  Here it is:                                                                                                                                            

                                                                          My Royal Friends in the kingdom, I have a suggestion. Create your own Royal Credo!  Make a formal declaration and write down what you stand for. Write down what you sit for. Write down what you can’t stand. It doesn’t matter. Just throw some  intention on your general aspirations and goals as a person of substance, heft and gravitas. You like them words? I do too. Makes me look like a person of substance, heft, and gravitas.   Make sure to include in your Royal Credo the vision for your focus, the main thrust of intentions and ideas that you believe will foster your happiness, make you feel fulfilled, and give meaning to your days. By gosh, that will most definitely include helping others in some way. 

Remember what I learned. If one day you find a royal coat of arms in your family’s closet, it’s not all Tatler & Tiaras around here.  You’re going to have to make your days into something happy and meaningful all by yourself. And since so many others are counting on you, you’re goint to have to make it count. 

“Live your royally happy life!™”




Princess and French BulldogPut a tiara in your closet!

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Princess and French Bulldog


Put a tiara in your closet!

Subscribe now and get a FREE REPORT: “7 insanely Simple Happiness Strategies” plus princess-worthy updates for a royally happy life!

Bonjour! I’m Princess Diane Von Brainisfried™

Motivational Speaker.  Certified Life Coach.  Award-Winning Writer.  Breast Cancer Survivor.  Offering seminars and coaching using humor to inspire happiness.

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