Dear Royal Friends,                                                              

First…the surprise!!!! Ta da! 2018 is rolling our way, and what a perfect time to roll out my New Look!  I’m so excited to share my new website with you!!! Thank you to the talented Stacy Holz Shiffner for my beautiful signature logo with tiara, and to Patty Vollherbst from Colts Neck Computing for the new website design. I love you princesses!

This new look and website will help us stay in touch better, and will help me provide more meaningful content in the form of workshops, talks, books, advice and other info on happiness and positivity. Stay tuned for the exciting activities afoot in the kingdom of Princess Diane Von Brainisfried to help stir up your happiness mojo!

And for the first time ever, you can grab my FREE REPORT!  Seven Insanely Simple Strategies you, Princess, must know if you really want to be happy!

Now for my princess wisdom! I hereby bequeath to you my advice to help make 2018 your HAPPIEST New Year ever!

We always seem to think of the New Years as a time for resolutions. We resolve to become something that we’re not and we want to be. We resolve to do something that we haven’t done. We resolve to get something we haven’t got. The problem is, these resolutions are all about lack. That’s such a negative focus. Not only that, there’s so much anxiety wrapped up in that focus. What if we don’t end up succeeding… again! Another year chalked up to failure? Not bloody likely! Not in my Kingdom, you don’t do that to yourself! That’s not what we princesses are all about. We’re all about joy, love, kindness, and actualizing our meaningful life full of our “unique passionate porpoise.”

I got to thinking. Is there another way to ring in the new year besides focusing on what we lack?

YES, there is!!!! What if we took a new perspective on ringing in the New Year? What if we saw New Years as a time for a fresh start — of momentum!  What if we saw New Years as an infusion of energy and excitement for finding more meaning and purpose in our lives? It can be in something we already do, or something new. What if we see New Years as an infusion of high energy octane for the person we already are, and nothing has to change except our new eyes and new focus? Our new eyes that see that we are already good enough, and, we are on the lookout for powerful strategies and activities that will help us to self-actualize.

My dear princesses. You are fabulous just the way you are! That’s what I want you to bring into, and ring into the New Year. Now, taking that fabulousness of YOU, and ask yourselves, what are some ways that you might energize your life this coming year? What are some ways to infuse momentum into projects you are already working on? New projects? What are some ways to kick the excitement of your life up another notch, with some meaningful project?  Maybe start a book club.  Start a blog. Volunteer at a local library reading to children.  Join a book club? Start a dinner club. A knitting club. So many ways to enjoy your life! As my friend Fanny’s grandson said after he went to chef school, “Grandmere, did you know there are 100 ways to cook an omelet?”

A famous study by Bronnie Ware on palliative care patients found the top regrets of these dying patients was they wished they had had the courage to live a life that was more authentically meaningful, and they wished they had let themselves be happier.

Here’s a suggestion: In 2018, put some energy into finding ways to live your life more authentically meaningful, and happier!

That’s where I’m putting some BIGTIME ENERGY this coming year!  Along with my New Look, I’m working on some exciting new projects to help princesses in my kingdom become happier. That includes a new book to help breast cancer patients have a happier experience; Happiness Life Coaching; Motivational Speaking “Tiara Tawks” on all kinds of topics such as happiness strategies, how to become a beacon of light for others, and finding your “passionate porpoise”; and Master Classes on living with Breast Cancer without losing happiness mojo.

All of these I view as upping my vibrational energy frequency. I am not looking at them as “goals.” They are projects on a continuum to self-actualize. Thus, I am not approaching them from a sense of lack. Instead, I am filled with a sense of energy and joy for the amazing and meaningful activities awaiting me, awaiting us… in the New Year!

How will you energize your life in an authentically meaningful, happier way 2019?

I’d love you to leave your comments and thoughts below! Maybe something you say will spark ideas for others!





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