Dear Royal Friends,                                                              

What a glorious time of year it is! Full of glad tidings and good cheer…except when it isn’t. The holiday season arrives and life continues, as do our worries and cares.  The nanny’s at war with her assistant for smuggling in commercial baby food. The chauffeur defected to Uber.  Tiffany’s discontinued your great-great grand mummy’s silver pattern. And “Tommy” the rescue guinea pig you let your little Princess bring home turns out to be Tonya, and she’s pregnant! 


Problems, problems, problems!

What good is it to be bombarded with salutations of good cheer, glad tidings and all that other stuff if it makes us feel like crap when we’re not in a matching mood?  But….why are we not in a matching mood? Half the time it’s because of our own stinkin’ thinkin’.  

Here’s a quick tip to put CHEER back into your life. Become a word chiropractor and make an attitude adjustment.   

Here’s how: The next time you call something a “problem,” call it a “challenge” instead!

I discovered this trick when, as a corporate lawyer, my boss’s boss’s boss asked me to work on a knotty legal issue about which I was absolutely clueless. I started to panic.  I tried and tried to figure it out but nothing was sparking. I knew I couldn’t  give the project back and say, “Sorry dude, this one’s over my head.  And by the way, could I have a raise?” 

Then I had an epiphany! I think I pulled it right out of my ass, because I tell you, I have no idea how this mental game-changer came to me.  I told myself not to use the word “problem” but instead, recast the situation as a “challenge.” That seemingly itty bitty word adjustment practically blew the tiara right off my head. I actually felt a physical change. I felt lighter, as if I had just eaten a bag of feathers. Ptooey! Shortly thereafter,  I figured out a solution to the assignment. Whew!  About that raise, please!

What happened? In my studies and training as a positive psychology life coach, I learned that I had instinctively found a way to put myself in a  positive mindset by what is called “reframing” the situation, which made my mind more resilient and more productive. Who knew!

I encourage you to become a word chiropractor and make an attitude adjustment with your words. Train yourself to use the word “challenge” instead of “problem.”   So, when Tommy turns out to be Tonya, it’s just another day in the funhouse!  Cheers!!!!





Put a tiara in you closet!

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