Dear Royal Friends,                                                              

Do you ever feel like society is conspiring to make you conform? From political speech (whether left, right or in between), to body types, to fashion, the pressure is on to have the  “group think” of whatever group to which you think you belong. Are you part of the solution? You are if you stay true to your authentic, unique beautiful self!  Ladies, you must stand up for your right to be unique!

Imagine you wanted to wear your family’s heirloom Elizabethan ruff to your next gala, which granted, is so passé  it can’t even be passed off as vintage. I can just imagine the hasty backpedaling once the wry comments drill in. Why, it’s not a ruff a’tall, but a new fangled brace for  your stiff neck!  Unless….you wear it proudly and exclaim, “Laugh if you will, but this my dear, is the family ruff, passed down from generations, of the family dog.  Ruff.” Now that’s unique!

I hope this video from my archives inspires you, my princess cohorts, to be your uniquely wonderful selves. Don’t let anyone  dim your authentic light.  There is no replacing your interesting, provocative, meaningful, delicously unique self.  There’s a reason ice cream comes in so many flavors! I’ll take chocolate chip mint cookie dough please!

Watch and see if you can guess the surprise, funny ending!   Ladies, Stand Up For Your Right To Be Unique!  



Live your royally happy life!™

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