Dear Royal Friends,

There was a time when humbleness and humility was a noble quality. Those who resorted to bragging and tooting their own horns were viewed as tacky and obnoxious. Does Queen Elizabeth get her “rocks” off by bragging about how many diamonds nestle in her diadem? The royal “we” think not.

Enter the humble brag, a term credited to the late writer Harris Wittels, writer on the TV series “Parcs and Rec.” The humble brag is a brag bomb that’s tightly wrapped in humility like a corn husk tamale. You don’t know the quality of the inside mush until it gets unwrapped.

The humble brag, perforce wrapped in humility, can take you by surprise and leave you wondering whether the person just offered up insider information on her soul, or slammed you with the goo of obnoxious self-promotion.


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