Hi Royal Friends,

Do you secretly worry about being cool? You might assume that only teens get swept up into this kind of pressure. Not necessarily.
Just as teens experience pressure to become part of the “in crowd,” or to buy the “right” purse, or perhaps cringe when mom picks them up from school in an old clunker, anxiety about being cool can shadow us into adulthood like a grease stain on a white blouse. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If we learn to focus on our unique royal essence and our own precious worth, if we understand how each of us already makes a difference in the world for the better and build on that, we begin to realize how traditional coolness is superfluous. It’s based on our perceptions of what other people think is cool. The common cool. The common cool is just that: common. But we are not common. We are princesses. And princesses have a duty to make a difference in the world for the better. That’s our cool factor.

As soon as we focus on what we can contribute to the world, either through an enthusiastic passion (a hobby, our work, a project) and/or through our everyday doings ( a smile, a good word, a kind deed), our anxieties about becoming cool melt away. Because it just won’t be relevant anymore to our self worth.

Check out a post here, by Maggie di Pasquale, a wonderfully smart young woman who mentors teens and tweens who addressed this issue on her blog. Her marvelous advice is just as sage for grown ups.

In Maggie’s words, “Stop putting pressure on yourself to be cool and start figuring out who you are.” I can’t agree with her more.

Go out there and live, laugh, love your royally happy life!

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