Unveiling my princess food truck prototype!

Dear Princess,

I recently hopped into the city for some business meetings in my kingdom.  Lunchtime came around and my colleagues and I spilled outside to grab some grub.   My mind was on some salad or such in a little French bistro (of course) around the corner, when my eye caught sight of a gaggle of fabulous food trucks lined up along the street, gleaming in the midday sun. One after the other, these proud, square squatters parked in the fab food lane.  From taco and tortillas, to pitas and their pockets, to brews and stews, the “stand up” chefs in their upscale chuck wagons were energetically serving an exciting diversity of delectables to eager consumers waiting in long ques. Hmmmm….is that a fajita sizzling, or the smell of a successfully sizzling enterprise?!

It got me to thinkin’ — wouldn’t it be fun to add a princess food truck empire to my many indulgent projects? Yeppers it t’wood.  But what would a princess food truck even look like?

I thought up some ideas and consulted my experts, then combed the world looking for a prototype so I could retrofit it to my exact specs!  Here it is!  Whaddaya think?




I’m so excited, because I got a two thumbs up from  the great chef “Gourd-on” Ramsey. 

What would your princess food truck look like?

Bisous et tralala,





Happy Princess Pun Day! Me? Ow!

Dear Royal Friends,

LE QUESTION: Why did the New York City apartment cat run away in fear to his friends living in the next door apartment (pond), when his owners declared they were going on a family vacation to the mountains and they intended to bring him along? kitty-curious-788534_640

LA REPONSE:   Because he went completely “quackers” when his owners told the kitty they were taking him on a  trip up to the “Cats-kill” Mountains!


hearts-673345_640 pixabay




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Crazy goat stampede – arrests made for crazy reason

Dear Royal Friends~                                                                               Palace Insiders  informed us today that arrests have been made of the three ringleaders heading up the great goat stampede near labs at UC Berkley that’s gone viral.


Apparently these goats have long been known as trouble makers, having given their “nannies” a hard time for years.  In the video, it’s clear that the goats blatantly ignored the stop signs strategically placed at the bottom of the hill, resulting in panda-emonium.  The goats’ lawyer defended their actions, claiming, on the goats behalf,  that firstly, there were no pandas, and secondly, that the goats were colorblind, hence the signs were not correctly red.  Palace officials feel that these defenses are really “baaaahd, and that the signs were correctly “read.”  Palace pundits have released a warning that all princesses in the kingdom should be on the qui vive  for signs, smells or sounds of stampeding goats and to let them have the right of way, even though a princess out ranks them, as a general rule.   You “herd” it here first.        

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