CLOSET PRINCESS – the most important secret inside a princess closet

Dear Royal Friends,

There’s nothing like the dream of a fabulous closet to bring out the princess in all of us.  As a newbie princess, I was curious to know what the most important secret in a princess closet might be.  To that end, I travelled to palaces and castles around the world.

 I must admit, I had some preconceived notions of what  that secret might be.  Little red velvet pillows to store tiaras?  Nope. Too cliche.  The popular color is lavender trimmed with gold fringe and four corners of gold tassels. Who knew? Glass slipper shoe trees?  Not many of those puppies around anymore. Glass has been replaced with lucite, and the trees bit the dust.

Then it occurred to me.  A princess is kind and generous….that’s it! The biggest princess closet secret is a deep recycle bin! I was right!  A real princess opens her closet to others and shares!  If one of the biggest closet perks of being a princess is a pant load of glamorous gowns, day outfits, purses, jewelry, tiaras and wraps, then the second biggest perk is being able to “wrap” that love around!  Every single princess I talked to shared this sentiment.  Most of them had a favorite charity or cause to donate to, say for proms, or for women interviewing for jobs or already in the workforce.  Of course they also passed a few of their favorites on to a little sister, a big sister, (or brother) or a royally good friend.  

Do you have some beautiful dresses or accessories that you could recycle for a some woman who could use them and who would appreciate their charm and the good karma that came with it? There are so many wonderful organizations that help other women to look amazing and feel confident for their proms, or when interviewing for a job or just trying to make it in the work force. Finding one of these organizations that will become a personal favorite of yours is merely a google a way. Wouldn’t you know, there’s even one called The Princess Project!!  

So princesses, let’s pull a few amazing pieces out of our closets and see if we can’t spread the joy, the love and the glam… and at the same time make room for more! It’s the most fabulous makeover we can do for your closet  besides a special shelf for the lily pad that some princesses had bronzed–

–the one upon which they found their Prince Charming.  Now that one, I didn’t see coming. 

TT4NP! Ta ta for now Princess,