Change your words – Cheer up your life!

Dearest Royal Friends,  

What a glorious time of year it is! Full of glad tidings and good cheer…except when it isn’t. The holiday season arrives and life continues, as do our worries and cares.  The nanny’s at war with her assistant for smuggling in commercial baby food. The chauffeur defected to Uber.  Tiffany’s discontinued your great-great grand mummy’s silver pattern. And “Tommy” the rescue guinea pig you let your little Princess bring home turns out to be Tonya, and she’s pregnant! 

Problems, problems, problems!

What good is it to be bombarded with salutations of good cheer, glad tidings and all that other stuff if it makes us feel like crap when we’re not in a matching mood?  But….why are we not in a matching mood? Half the time it’s because of our own stinkin’ thinkin’.  

Here’s a quick tip to put CHEER back into your life. Become a word chiropractor and make an attitude adjustment.   

Here’s how: The next time you call something a “problem,” call it a “challenge” instead!

I discovered this trick when, as a corporate lawyer, my boss’s boss’s boss asked me to work on a knotty legal issue about which I was absolutely clueless. I started to panic.  I tried and tried to figure it out but nothing was sparking. I knew I couldn’t  give the project back and say, “Sorry dude, this one’s over my head.  And by the way, could I have a raise?” 

Then I had an epiphany! I think I pulled it right out of my ass, because I tell you, I have no idea how this mental game-changer came to me.  I told myself not to use the word “problem” but instead, recast the situation as a “challenge.” That seemingly itty bitty word adjustment practically blew the tiara right off my head. I actually felt a physical change. I felt lighter, as if I had just eaten a bag of feathers. Ptooey! Shortly thereafter,  I figured out a solution to the assignment. Whew!  About that raise, please!

What happened? In my studies and training as a positive psychology life coach, I learned that I had instinctively found a way to put myself in a  positive mindset by what is called “reframing” the situation, which made my mind more resilient and more productive. Who knew!

I encourage you to become a word chiropractor and make an attitude adjustment with your words. Train yourself to use the word “challenge” instead of “problem.”   So, when Tommy turns out to be Tonya, it’s just another day in the funhouse!  Cheers!!!!



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The Most French Girl Thing About French Girls

Dear Royal Friends,                                                                                              

I love being a bit like a French Girl. It gives a princess a certain air, a certain mystery, a certain feminine style with a powerful stance.  

There’s one aspect of being a bit like a French Girl that I’d like to suggest you adopt, because when I do it (and I do it every morning and throughout the day) it has a very uplifting effect on my spirits.  Can you guess what it is?  I’ll give you a hint: It’s one of The Most French Things about a French Girl.

When we think about what is The Most French Thing about French Girls, we might conjure up some cliche images like a jaunty girl in a beret, smiling as she pedals a bicycle with her long crusty baguette and a small round cheese wheel jostling around in the bicyle’s front basket along with a bottle of red. Perhaps she’s wearing a blue and white horizontally striped sweater. Or a striped something.  Possibly she’s sporting chin length fashionable hair.  Always fashionable hair.  But something would be missing from that scene.  What’s something you will never see on a French girl…but bet your bottom Euro, she’s always wearing ( besides pretty, sexy and pretty sexy undies?) 


















To illustrate how obsessed  French Girls are with their perfume, I recently went to a wedding in New York.  Seated next to me was a quasi-relative French Girl traveling from Paris who exuded a luxurious fragrant presence.  Yes, she had chin length hair. I asked her what fragrance she was wearing.  I figured she’s just gonna tell me, but no, she proceeds to Show & Tell me in the most astoundingly French Girl way.  

She opened her teeny weenie purse that was in the shape of a small orange.  More of a pouch than a purse, really. This purse looked large enough to hold maybe a driver’s license, a piece of bubble gum, and either a pencil stub or a tampon, but not both.   She  proceeded to pull out of this walnut of a thing, a full-sized bottle of Pamplelune by Guerlain. Not a sample, not a travel size, but a big, full size bottle.  I couldn’t have been more surprised  had she produced a full-sized rabbit. Wearing a beret. And a blue and white striped sweater.

Think about it. Perfume must have been so important to my relative, that she handicapped herself with a full, heavy bottle of the stuff, thereby displacing other important cargo…like say…her wallet and her phone!  But to a French Girl, it made perfect “sense.”  She’s French. I remembered how  a few years before the wedding this quasi relative  was visiting for another occasion. As she passed by the stairs in the house we were visiting, I breathed the trail of a beautiful scent just as deliciously divine as the one she wore at the wedding.  I also asked then what she was wearing. It was Prada’s Infusion d’Iris.   Her nose knows what she wears, and she takes shhhpritzing seriously. 

Another truly elegant and stylish French Girl friend of mine who, when I first met her,  always smelled like Caleche by Hermes. Years later she always smelled like 24 Faubourg by Hermes. She never didn’t smell great, just like my French relative.  

How do these French Girls do it? Waft around in their perfume clouds?

The secret is: “spray well and often.”  Have perfume will carry. None of this spray to last to the end of the day. If you want to be French-Girl worthy, you gotta cultivate Fragrance Vigilance. Perfume Priority. Spray and Stay.

So what’s on my dressing table? I have a number of perfumes that I wear from time to time, but right now I have three go-to’s that I wear most often to “Channel” my inner French Girl.   Chanel No 5 Eau Premier;  Hermes un Jardin en Mediterranee; and  Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior. 

Learn to channel your inner French Girl to start your day sweetly. Find a perfume that you love, that makes you happy, that uplifts your spirits, then spray well and often.  That way, wherever you go, there you smell. 



Princess Diane Von Brainisfried







How to give a million-dollar holiday gift for free

Dear Royal Friends,

This holiday season, wanna know how to take something worth more than a million dollars, not pay a dime for it, and give it to more than a million people? 

The next time you are:

…in back of a mile-long line in your neighborhood’s shrine to organic food, sweating up a storm in your sub-zero rated down parka, and the cashier (along with her customers) is angrier than a swarm of hornets and slower than a herd of turtles — when it’s finally your turn to pay, you…..;  

or the next time you are:

…in a high falutin’ boutique and make a beeline for the sales rack, ask the snobby sales associate the price of those diamond-studded cowboy boots, and you get the obnoxious “eye roll”  and invisible quote bubble popping out of her perfectly coiffed head that reads, “if you have to ask you can’t afford it,” you….;

or the next time you are:

…walking down the street and a sad stranger catches your eye, you… smile.

And because of you, the cashier snaps out of her funk, smiles back, and passes it on.  And because of you, the snobby sales associate snaps out of her cloud, smiles back, and passes it on. And because of you, the sad stranger decides not to take all those pills, goes home and hugs her mom. And passes it on.

The butterfly flaps its wings in New York. The breeze is felt in Paris. And the world says, “Thank you!”




                       Live your royally happy life!





Dear Royal Friends,

Did you know you are related to royalty too?  Yes indeedy!  You may have seen me advocate this principal before, but I believe it’s so important that I’d like to share it with you again for reinforcement.

According to the indisputable and globally recognized theory of the “Sixth Degree Princess™,” you too are a valuable member of the tiara totin’ tribe!

 In conjunction with this announcement, the palace press office is once again reissuing the official royal diagram illustrating this principle.  As shown below in the diagram by the charming and handsome Prince Max, whether you’re a devout believer in a Supreme Being, an atheist, an agnostic, or you’re not even sure you actually exist, the  Six Degree Princess Theory™ applies to you! 



Why does being related to royalty make a difference?  There’s something magical that happens when you realize you’re a princess. A real princess! The kind that wears tiaras and sleeps on mile high mattresses with a little pea under them (but not a little pea on them.)  You hold your head higher, your walk is more graceful,  expectations for yourself become greater, and you begin thinking about how you can use your newfound connections and power for the greater good.  Best of all, finally you’ll have a place to wear your tiara other than a Halloween parade!

It is my fervent wish for you, with the glory and grace of royalty as your rightful claim, you  go out there every day and kick up some royal dust under those gilded heels, follow your passionate porpoise, and be as kind as you can while doing so.  To wit, have yourself a palace pant load of fun and do everything you can to  “LIVE YOR ROYALLY HAPPY LIFE!™ ”   

Follow me, dahhhling, and I’ll do everything I can to help you!                                                              

hearts-673345_640 pixabay




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The “Law” of Attraction made me do something royally, unbelievably stupid!

Dear Royal Friends, 

There’s a lot out there that passes for “law” these days. The “Law” of Attraction.  The “Law” of the Vacuum.  I always thought  “laws” were what made apples fall down from trees instead of up, and what got you parking tickets when you parked near a fire hydrant.  But what do I know? Maybe The Law of Attraction and The Law of The Vacuum are laws.  Perhaps they’re merely theories? Axioms?  Postulates? It’s something a smart and savvy princess should at least ponder.princess-157393_1280I’m taking courses at the School of Practical Philosophy.  We learned not to accept or reject what we hear, but to see how it works and test the truth of it.  Here’s something royally and unbelievably stupid I did when I didn’t follow that “law.” 

After working as a lawyer for about fifteen years, I decided I wanted to be a writer instead.  I had been intensely studying the Law of Attraction and its sidekick, The Law of The Vacuum. The Law of The Vacuum, in shorthand terms, would have you burn bridges and get rid of the old, in order to allow the universe to bring you the new. A classic example is, if you have old curtains and you can’t afford new ones, tear the old curtains down and leave your windows curtain-less, so new curtains will make their way to you from the universe. You have to show those new curtains that you mean biz.  

Thus, when I passionately wanted to transition from being a lawyer to a writer, my interpretation of The Law of The Vacuum sent me on an insane mission to throw out every single piece of legal work I had ever written. I had to make room for the writer by throwing out the lawyer, right? I burned my bridges so bad, my flame flower filed a grievance report.

Do you know how hard it is to become a lawyer?  Do you know how many years of sweat equity it takes sitting your arse down in a chair, annexed from everyone you know and love, pumping sludge into your brain? Oh, and ask me about the bar exam…Don’ ask! I’d rather have natural childbirth with 10-pound triplets than go through that again.

Yet, despite the effort it took to obtain my JD and pass the bar exam,  I jettisoned hundreds of my legal briefs, legal memos, legal documents and legal information. I don’t know what compelled me to save my law school diploma, but I did. And thus, I began writing screenplays and musicals.

A year later, I decided I really wanted to do both law and writing, thereby balancing my  right-brain creative side with my  left-brain analytical side. I had realized that exercising one side at the expense of the other left me feeling mentally lop-sided.

To that end, I made inquiries to work as a criminal appeals attorney. I called a woman who was the hiring counsel of a large legal appellate office.   We engaged in a chat about law, the arts, my passionate desire to be a writer and my decision to pursue both a creative writing career and a legal career. I explained I had a few years experience in appellate writing and in private practice, as well as many years experience in corporate law.

We had a fantastic conversation.  We truly liked each other. I had appellate writing experience. I’m thinkin’ woohoo, I’m in!

Not so fast. At the end of the conversation, she asked to see one of my legal briefs as a writing sample. Praab-lem! I didn’t have a legal brief.  So I had to tell her I didn’t have a legal brief to send her. She paused, confused, and then said I could send any legal writing sample instead. Praab-lem! I had to tell her I didn’t have any legal writing sample of anything I’ve done….even though I had been a lawyer for fifteen years.  Not having any legal writing samples after being a lawyer for fifteen years was a near impossible feat, mind you, even for the least prolific of lawyers say, on earth.

I proceeded tell her the truth. I was so hell bent on becoming a writer, that in a fit of madness, I had thrown away everything I had ever written as a lawyer. The only evidence I had left that proved I was a lawyer was my diploma.

There was a long pause. A very, very long pause. At the end of the very, very long pause, she uttered the by now immortal word in this oft-repeated tale of triumph over stupidity. In what seemed to me a combination of astonishment, admiration and awe, she exclaimed, “Cool!”

I got incredibly lucky. She let me write a legal brief on “spec,”  it was good enough, and I was accepted. I continue to exercise my right brain and left brain hemispheres. My screenplays and musicals have gained some traction and have won some cool awards. I do legal writing when I want. I continue to study The Law of Attraction and The Law of The Vacuum and other such principles.   But now when I read them, I keep in mind what I  learned at The School Of Practical Philosophy: to ask myself, “What would a wise man or a wise woman do?” That’s a principle that is definitely attractive. 





Dear Royal Friends,

Treasured wisdom says, “if you’ve forgotten the language of gratitude, you’ll never be on speaking terms with happiness.”  What better way to honor International Happiness Day, than by starting a DAILY GRATITUDE NOTEBOOK!  journal-431912_640

Start with five things you’re grateful for, then continue adding to the notebook on a daily basis. It’s so easy, even for the grumpiest monkeys among us.  There’s at least something you will be grateful for each day!   Include even teeny tiny gratitudes,  like a mysteriously disappeared hangnail.  (Okay, that’s not so tiny.)   Over time, you will be absolutely transformed!  Here’s why:

Research shows that focusing on gratitude is a KEY FACTOR in our ability to be in control of life’s Joy Stick.  (The pundits don’t put it that way, but what do they know.)  

Fore example, per the article  “The Neuroscience of Why Gratitude Makes Us Happier,”  by Ocean Robbins, several studies showed that the more grateful we are, the less depressed we are.  Researchers also found that people who journaled daily what they where grateful for “felt better about their lives as a whole,” and “were a full 25 percent happier” than the group of people in the study who journaled stuff that made them feel hassled.  25%? That’s a palace pant load happier! 

People studied also reported fewer health complaints, and exercised an average of 1.5 hours more.”  People who journaled what they were grateful for were healthier, slept better, and they actually become more do-goody to others!  Do-goody is a princess’s raison d’être!  

It all makes sense when you think about it.  You are what you eat, whether you’re fueling your body, your mind, or your soul. 

To make your journaling experience even more pleasurable, choose a notebook that is truly gawjuss, one that makes you smile and think of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.  Or big diamonds on (your) fingers. Check out these cool girl ones by high fashion artist to celebrities and designer  Emily Brickel.  Barnes and Nobles has some sweet ones too

I’ll go first.  I’ve been doing this Gratitude Gig for years, and I’ve got TONS to talk about.   

1. Family. 

2. Friends

3. Frenchies

4.  Morning French Roast coffee

5. Pink and white Peonies

That’s a good start, aye?

Oh yeah. Addendum. I’m truly grateful for YOU!  And you are definitely above #5. 




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Dear Royal Friends ~

Learning to be happier is like taking singing lessons.

This occurred to me as I was warming up today, not in my Lululemons for yoga class, but in my heels and tiara for a master class in voice I’m giving this afternoon.  I am a tad worried, as my voice is a little

When we sing, if a note is flat and under pitch, we need to brighten the sound. How do we brighten the sound? One simple technique is to imagine a teeny weeny little smile on the inside of our head. We actually think the smile, and the sound becomes brighter.  Another technique is to give ourselves a little more support for the sound. 

That is incredible.  All it takes is the slightest suspicion of a smile, and we can go from being flat to being brighter and on key!  Or we might need to give ourselves a little more support. Then it hit me.  On the journey to our happier, brighter selves, often it merely takes small inner changes.

Before we can make these changes in life and in singing, we first need to be aware that we’re “off key.”  For those of you who are tone deaf, take heart; every day’s a new shower.

Here’s the “key.”  Even in our awareness, change doesn’t happen over night.  You might hit flat notes regularly until all the moving parts become second nature. Practice makes Puccini!

Life and singing lessons.  Small, learned changes, practiced over time, stamp out the flat notes, leading us to our inner bright sounds.   We just have to be aware that it’s possible, desire the outcome, learn the technique, and do the work.

I’m here for you, princess!

Bisous et tra la la,


Princess Diane Von Brainisfried

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Out of the closet – gratitude

Dear Princess ~

Yesterday was colder than the hair on a polar bear’s arse. But a princess goes where a princess must. Last night’s gala at the Hard Rock Cafe for New York Road Runner’s 36th Annual Club Night brought me and parts of my family into the city.  117900-default_4x6

The snow was hammering down on us, the slush was spraying up on us, and I was worrying that the whipping wet wind would shmear my makeup.  In an effort to travel light, I had docked my emergency make up kit at the palace, as it generally weighs as much as a small cannonball. 

In between that perilous worry, and trying to avoid the  slippery designer tribute medallions plastered along the 7th avenue sidewalk like bronzed man hole covers, I realized something.  Major gratitude… for my coat.

This was my first whirl in a gorgeous new winter coat, and she was keeping me truly protected from the elements.  It was a tad too long, which was perfect, because it made for a generous overlap with the top of my cutie faux fur cuffed shoe boots.  It had an elegant collar which transformed as a hood for extra protection over my Downton Abbey-ish hat. Once hooded, I was rendered invisible except for a small surface area of my face.  I had morphed into a walking cocoon, totally in control of when and where in this wicked weather I would re-emerge as my butterfly self.  

Gratitude, man.  My coat.  It made me stop and think, once again, how very important it is to count our blessings.  Cold is cold is cold. Wet is wet is wet. Cold and wet. Hungry and thirsty.  These things I am not.  Gratitude man. 

Let’s link pinkies to remember to have gratitude for our protections, and to  help those who are less fortunate.  Take away a great coat, we’re all in the same boat. 

“LIVE YOUR ROYAL LIFE!™”                                                     XOXOXOXO


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Dear Royal Friend ~ 

Does being a love magnet mean acting like a classic “TCM” femme fatale, all blonde & breathy like Marilyn Monroe, or come-hithery-slithery like Rita Hayworth? Or maybe it takes a more modern, slippery approach, like a Dita Von Teese lounging in a giant champagne glass wearing nothing but wet and wild bubbles, or otherwise “dis-dressed.” I know plenty of girls who can get into a Champagne glass.240x0_100_1_c_FFFFFF_3970de5c82f81204e8f1365855cc34f8Can’t hurt. But there’s another way to be a love magnet that’s more authentic and sustainable.  A little birdie told me how, as I was gazing out of the kitchen window of my voice teacher’s house and accidentally backed into a metaphor.


I was at the sink, taking a break from channeling Puccini’s rock’em sock’em slave girl soprano, Liu.  Outside the window, I spied a family of cylindrical bird feeders  swinging from the rafters. The feeders looked like speckled wind chimes, as they were completely filled up with grainy bits of sand-colored seeds.  The feeders might as well have been stuffed with bird magnets, as there wasn’t an almond sliver of unoccupied surface space on them anywhere.  The feeders were like hanging mosh pits of flapping wings and pecking beaks, with fifty or so formerly elegant birds pulling rank to hang upside down, right side up and sideways, trying to suck out the precious stuff inside. They were luv’in it!

From among this United Nations caucus of cackling, colorful  birds, one beautiful and unusual bird flew in and especially caught my eye.  She was truly stunning. She bravely flew up to one of the feeders and miraculously found her way to the middle of the column. She was plump and striking, with bold, black and white stripes streaking her back.  We eyed each other; she pecked and peeked, pecked and peeked, then flew happily away. 

My bird folly being finished, I turned back toward the music room, feeling grateful to my voice teacher for filling up the feeders and enabling this fascinating interlude.  And then it hit me: the metaphor moment where I realized my flapping little friends taught me an art song about life I’ll never forget.  The magnetizing power of filling oneself up!

It’s not hard to extrapolate to this premise: A key element of being an authentic love magnet has nothing to do with sexy tricks and traps and creating mysterious airs.  It’s about being filled up, just like the bird feeders.  One must first become filled up on the inside to be able to attract love.   Other people  are attracted to you when you fill up your insides with your special passions, your on-purpose goals, your divinely inspired talents and pathways, whether it be singing opera, clog dancing, fly fishing, painting cow statues, rodeo clowning, or tiara collecting. 

Had the bird feeders been empty, the birds would never have come around in the first place; being filled up created their magnetizing, heady attraction.  Had the feeders become depleted, the birds would have left, doling out sorry-ass excuses like, “I’ve been really busy lately with work, I mean worms,” or “I’m not into black and white striped ‘chics.'” Had these bird feeders been empty, I never would have met my marvelous little painted friend.

 Just like the bird feeders, when we fill ourselves up inside by bringing nourishment to our souls, that is when we are most able to nourish others.  That is when we are most  magnetic to others.  Talk about cosmic symbiosis! Feed your soul and you will feed others. Deplete yourself, and you won’t have anything to give…and you will be less attractive to others.

Holy moly!  Filling yourself up and nourishing your soul is a GIFT you give to yourself AND others!  Because, like the bird feeder, people will want to come and be nourished by your aura, your gifts, your lights. That thought sure put an extra spring in my step, as I walked over to my song book, and sang like a bird.  

 “Follow your dreams. Feed your soul. Nourish others.” 




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On Vogue’s Biggest Little Mistake – The Little Red Cosmetic Bag O’ Regret

Don’t make this little VOGUE Mistake. It could cost you a ton of regrets.

This is what happened.  My subscription to VOGUE Magazine was almost up, when a snappy renewal postcard came in the mail.  


The card advertised VOGUE’S latest renewal seduction, the promise of a charming little red cosmetic bag…FREE!  Just for staying loyal to VOGUE magazine!

I love VOGUE Magazine. I needed no enticement to renew,  but I wasn’t gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.  I renewed my subscription, happy about my future receipt of the little red cosmetic bag that VOGUE didn’t even have to send me.

I promptly forgot about my forthcoming windfall.  Many weeks later, a mysterious, non-descript, white plastic parcel came in the mail.  The only mark on the package was a return label from VOGUE.  

Inside the package was a small, plain, red, generic-looking cosmetic bag.  No insert.  No thank you card.  No greeting. Why on earth would Vogue mail this nondescript little red bag with no other communication? Seems like somebody in the marketing department missed a Marketing 101 moment. 

How hard would it have been to write a warm fuzzy note?  How difficult would it have been to make me feel like an important, savvy VOGUE insider for staying in their fashion family.  This was a bird-in-hand opportunity to communicate my value to VOGUE as a subscriber. When they had the chance, they should have told me how much they loved me.  

Don’t make a big little VOGUE mistake.  Don’t miss your Marketing 101 moment.  Don’t merely do your stint as a return label.  When you get the chance, jump inside the package, and tell people that you love them.




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