How to give a million-dollar holiday gift for free

Dear Royal Friends,

This holiday season, wanna know how to take something worth more than a million dollars, not pay a dime for it, and give it to more than a million people? 

The next time you are:

…in back of a mile-long line in your neighborhood’s shrine to organic food, sweating up a storm in your sub-zero rated down parka, and the cashier (along with her customers) is angrier than a swarm of hornets and slower than a herd of turtles — when it’s finally your turn to pay, you…..;  

or the next time you are:

…in a high falutin’ boutique and make a beeline for the sales rack, ask the snobby sales associate the price of those diamond-studded cowboy boots, and you get the obnoxious “eye roll”  and invisible quote bubble popping out of her perfectly coiffed head that reads, “if you have to ask you can’t afford it,” you….;

or the next time you are:

…walking down the street and a sad stranger catches your eye, you… smile.

And because of you, the cashier snaps out of her funk, smiles back, and passes it on.  And because of you, the snobby sales associate snaps out of her cloud, smiles back, and passes it on. And because of you, the sad stranger decides not to take all those pills, goes home and hugs her mom. And passes it on.

The butterfly flaps its wings in New York. The breeze is felt in Paris. And the world says, “Thank you!”




                       Live your royally happy life!




Out of the closet – gratitude

Dear Princess ~

Yesterday was colder than the hair on a polar bear’s arse. But a princess goes where a princess must. Last night’s gala at the Hard Rock Cafe for New York Road Runner’s 36th Annual Club Night brought me and parts of my family into the city.  117900-default_4x6

The snow was hammering down on us, the slush was spraying up on us, and I was worrying that the whipping wet wind would shmear my makeup.  In an effort to travel light, I had docked my emergency make up kit at the palace, as it generally weighs as much as a small cannonball. 

In between that perilous worry, and trying to avoid the  slippery designer tribute medallions plastered along the 7th avenue sidewalk like bronzed man hole covers, I realized something.  Major gratitude… for my coat.

This was my first whirl in a gorgeous new winter coat, and she was keeping me truly protected from the elements.  It was a tad too long, which was perfect, because it made for a generous overlap with the top of my cutie faux fur cuffed shoe boots.  It had an elegant collar which transformed as a hood for extra protection over my Downton Abbey-ish hat. Once hooded, I was rendered invisible except for a small surface area of my face.  I had morphed into a walking cocoon, totally in control of when and where in this wicked weather I would re-emerge as my butterfly self.  

Gratitude, man.  My coat.  It made me stop and think, once again, how very important it is to count our blessings.  Cold is cold is cold. Wet is wet is wet. Cold and wet. Hungry and thirsty.  These things I am not.  Gratitude man. 

Let’s link pinkies to remember to have gratitude for our protections, and to  help those who are less fortunate.  Take away a great coat, we’re all in the same boat. 

“LIVE YOUR ROYAL LIFE!™”                                                     XOXOXOXO


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