Even now, do you secretly worry about being cool?

Hi Royal Friends,

Do you secretly worry about being cool? You might assume that only teens get swept up into this kind of pressure. Not necessarily.


Just as teens experience pressure to become  part of the “in crowd,” or to buy the  “right” purse, or perhaps cringe when mom picks them up from school in an old clunker, anxiety about being cool can shadow us into adulthood like a grease stain on a white blouse.   But it doesn’t have to be that way.

 If we learn to focus on our unique royal essence and our own  precious worth, if we understand how each of us already makes a difference in the world for the better and build on that, we begin to realize how traditional coolness is superfluous.  It’s based on our perceptions of what other people think is cool.  The common cool.  The common cool is just that: common.  But we are not common. We are princesses.  And princesses have a duty to make a difference in the world for the better. That’s our cool factor.

As soon as we focus on what we can  contribute to the world, either through an enthusiastic passion (a hobby, our work, a project) and/or through our everyday doings ( a smile, a good word, a kind deed), our anxieties about becoming cool melt away. Because it just won’t be relevant anymore to our self worth.

Check out  a post here, by Maggie di Pasquale, a wonderfully smart young woman who mentors teens and tweens who addressed this issue on her blog.  Her marvelous advice is just as sage for grown ups. 

In Maggie’s words, “Stop putting pressure on yourself to be cool and start figuring out who you are.”  I can’t agree with her more.  

Go out there and live, laugh, love your royally happy life!




Queen Elizabeth proves she’s not all washed up!

Dear Royal Friends,                                                                            

Today Queen Elizabeth has grabbed the title as the UK’s longest “raining” monarch, proving once again that she’s not all “washed” up, and knocking Queen Victoria off that perch.  

It’s a marvel how the Queen has hung in there for over 63 years, continuously doing her queenly thing with great poise and “aplomb” …queen-595685_640

…even though she’s told me on numerous occasions that she prefers pears!

It’s hard to believe that Queen Elizabeth, now 89,  was a mere 25 years old when she ascended to the throne;  that’s because in modern terms, 25 is the new 12.

Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth on Feb. 6, 1952 after her father, George VI, passed away.   George VI was that handsome  fellow in the movie The King’s Speech, whose challenge with stuttering made him not quite so chipper to cover for his brother, Edward. 

You may recall how George was thrust into king-dom rather shockingly, when his older bro, Edward the Eighth, chucked it all in 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee cum Coco Chanel doppelgänger.  It is rumored that is how the term, “behind the eight ball” came about.  It is also rumored that Simpson is the latent muse behind the current Capitol One Credit card commercial, “What’s in your wallis.” 

It’s no secret that the Queen’s reign has weathered family drama more rocky than the Adirondacks.  Throughout, she has remained classy and stalwart.  

The Queen embodies what I believe to be the secret to being real nobility, which is service to others.  In a 1957 television transmission, she proclaimed: 

“I cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice. But I can do something else. I can give you my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the peoples of our brotherhood of nations.”

I leave you with this inspired thought: If you’re a princess or a queen, be like Queen Elizabeth and don’t save your heart and service for a “rainy” day.   Let it shine every day, baby, let it shine.

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How To Handle Your Daily Little Frustrations

Bonjour my royal friends!

If you are anything like me, sometimes life’s little daily frustrations make me a little more “brain-is-fried” than a princess ought to be.  Recently, I saw an interview by Diane Sawyer with Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner, which gave me a completely new outlook on daily frustrations.  I hope this video gives you fresh eyes to cope with the inevitable little frustrations and itty bitty stresses and strains that visit us on a daily basis.

Click here to see videoHow To Handle Your Little Daily Frustrations

thisPhoto on 5-15-15 at 2.28 PM #2

Ta ta for now, princess





kick your absentee new year’s resolutions in the kiester!

Dear Royal Friends~

We’re a tad past the halfway point of 2015. For some of us, our New Year’s resolutions are as “get-outta-town” as a sheriff in a rowdy saloon.



Why? Because what we resolved to do was difficult! 

It’s not easy to hit the gym at 5am. It’s not easy to become fluent in Flemish.  It’s not easy to quit a nicotine grip.  It’s not easy to stop swillin’ the gin. And it’s certainly not easy to organize a closet the size of the Louvre. (Princess Probz.)

But it’s not usually the starting that’s the problem.  It’s the sticking.



Say for example, your New Year’s resolutions were to shed forty-two pounds and become a vegetarian.  Up until last week, you had lost ten pounds, and you hadn’t had a lick of meat. But here comes another fabulous cocktail party. Oh lookee! You’re  face-to-face with scrumptious little canapes of cheesy thingies with avocado and fried corn do-dads arranged ever-so-beautifully on silver trays passed around by smiling, handsome butlers in white gloves. Oh lookee! More!  There’s beret-sized fungus piled mile high with warm, oozing, buttery bread crumbs and beef, arranged ever-so-beautifully on silver trays, passed around  by smiling, handsome butlers in white gloves….

Stop kicking yourself.  The heckleberries with New Years!  You can start anew any time you want. Every morning is a new chance to start your crowing going.  Just ask the roosters.

Here’s the key: It was  bequeathed to me recently by my princess inner soul-ar powered voice, when I decided to follow the kind of Vegan diet that excludes both animal and vegetable fats.  I thought about eating salad without  EVOO. (Insert frowney face.) I thought, wow, that’s gonna really be difficult. I love me some veggies and salads, and I can’t stand those ersatz zero fat dressings.  All of a sudden a miracle happened better than Miracle Whip. I heard, “Okay princess, get a grip.  Difficult, yeah, but not impossible.”  Bazzzzinga! I’ve been using that little phrase ever since in all sorts of situations. It works. It puts everything into do-ability mode.

The next time you face a challenge to your resolution and it feels really difficult for you to muster the willpower to continue, try looking the challenge square in the eye, which is difficult because eyes are round, and say: “DIFFICULT, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE.”  So get outta town!

Bet your bottom butler, or your butler’s bottom, the next time you face a challenge to your resolution and you use this trick,  you’ll sail through it like the mighty powerful princess you are.  Just like a Staples commercial, you’ll slam down your hand on a red button and exclaim, “That was easy!”

tt4np, (ta ta 4 now, princess)


Princess Diane Von Brainisfried

“Live your royal life!