Even now, do you secretly worry about being cool?

Hi Royal Friends,

Do you secretly worry about being cool? You might assume that only teens get swept up into this kind of pressure. Not necessarily.


Just as teens experience pressure to become  part of the “in crowd,” or to buy the  “right” purse, or perhaps cringe when mom picks them up from school in an old clunker, anxiety about being cool can shadow us into adulthood like a grease stain on a white blouse.   But it doesn’t have to be that way.

 If we learn to focus on our unique royal essence and our own  precious worth, if we understand how each of us already makes a difference in the world for the better and build on that, we begin to realize how traditional coolness is superfluous.  It’s based on our perceptions of what other people think is cool.  The common cool.  The common cool is just that: common.  But we are not common. We are princesses.  And princesses have a duty to make a difference in the world for the better. That’s our cool factor.

As soon as we focus on what we can  contribute to the world, either through an enthusiastic passion (a hobby, our work, a project) and/or through our everyday doings ( a smile, a good word, a kind deed), our anxieties about becoming cool melt away. Because it just won’t be relevant anymore to our self worth.

Check out  a post here, by Maggie di Pasquale, a wonderfully smart young woman who mentors teens and tweens who addressed this issue on her blog.  Her marvelous advice is just as sage for grown ups. 

In Maggie’s words, “Stop putting pressure on yourself to be cool and start figuring out who you are.”  I can’t agree with her more.  

Go out there and live, laugh, love your royally happy life!





Dear Royal Friends,                                                                                 EVERYONE who’s anyone,  or at least someone who is anyone, has heard of charity balls such as THE MET GALA,  MOMA’S ARMORY GALA and THE TRIBECA BALL.  They are three of New York’s hottest charity shindigs. They’re what “insiders” call, “AVBD” (A Very Big Deal).  These are the charities that literally beat down doors to position la creme de la creme of society on their boards for support.  Why do you think my palace doors are made of iron? Exactly.

Despite their heavily pedigreed boards, famously “hot” charities such as these aren’t the only gala games in town.  There are numerous princess-worthy charities that are poised to be peppered with well-heeled civic-minded hob-nobbers that will be a perfect fit for a princess’s proud patronage! 

After much head-scratching (which is a bit tricky wearing a tiara), here is my list of TOP 10 COOL, UP & COMING 501C 3’s every princess should support.  These relatively obscure charities are  über cool.  If you want to be known as a leader in the princess pack, get on the band wagon now!  They are, in neither ascending nor descending order of importance:

 1. The New York Society For The Support of Orphaned Werewolves;



2. The International Organization for the Abolishment of Abused Rodeo Clowns;



3. New Jersey Society for the Rehabilitation of Ubiquitous and Nondescript  Diners;



 4. The New York League for the Aid of Anxious Frogs Or Toads Because No One Seems To Know The Difference; 








5. The New York & LA Society for The Prevention of Fallen Cheek Implants;









6. The International Organization for the Aid of Beauty Pageant Burn Out;

Photo Credit: Jeanne Masar via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Jeanne Masar via Compfight cc












     7. The Urban League For The Abolition of Food Truck License Requirements;

Photo Credit: ricardodiaz11 via Compfight cc   Photo Credit: ricardodiaz11 via Compfight cc

8. International Middle Class Society In Support of The Legality of (Quality) Counterfeit Brand Name Luxury Goods; 

Photo Credit: pasukaru76 via Compfight cc Photo Credit: pasukaru76 via Compfight cc

9. American Patriotic League for the Abolition of Cheese and/or Vinegar on French Fries; and…..

 Photo Credit: Hen3k Hen3k via Compfight cc Photo Credit: Hen3k Hen3k via Compfight cc

10. Black Card Dining Society for the Prevention of Listing Lobsters on Menus Under Three Pounds.

Max Lobster 1012988_10155745194080711_3551184622781520772_n


And there you have it!  Check in periodically for my newest list!

See you at the ball, princess!

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Bonjour Princesses~        


A good place to start is the lyrics of the classic “gimme” Christmas song, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.”  










They’re all about longing for something in the future, about not feeling good with who you are and what you have in the now.  The truth is, the more we appreciate and love where we are in the now, and what we have in the now, the more big, bold, beautiful and wonderful our lives will be — right now!                                                                                

Funny thing too, much of the time we don’t even realize how wonderful our now truly is.  I mean, how much cuter can you get than a kid with her two front teeth missing! Or a Guinea pig! (Or is that a hamster?) Same idea!

It may seem counterintuitive, but the more grounded with who we are and what we have right now,  the firmer is our foundation and jumping off point for manifesting our next level of greatness.  

Whether  you live in a castle or carriage house, you’ve got muffin top or model  shape,  you’ve landed Prince Charming or Pointdexter,  your “now” is all you’ve got.   Life sends us so many curveballs, challenges and changes, it is imperative to acquire  a world view of appreciation for what we have and who we are in any given moment, or we may end up with a palace pant load of regrets.   We can still keep our eyes on the prize, whatever it is we are going for,  in the future, be it all the wonderful dreams and goals we have.   But we mustn’t do so at the expense of appreciating the sacredness of our being, right where we are.   

I dare say someone close to their last breath would say, “Yes please!” to a bigger helping of this stuff of the “now.”  Knowing that, I double dare say living fully, deeply, majestically, hopefully, energetically, magically, lovingly, in  your “NOW” is the best, most awesome holiday present  you could ever give yourself!                            

It’s not always easy to live fully and gratefully in our “now”, but easy is for wimps. And we’re not wimps, we’re princesses!   Let’s vow together,  here and now, not to get to the end of our days before we recognize just how precious “being” is.  Let’s live, laugh and love our “now” no matter what it looks like — now.   The present of the present.  Wow!  What a fabulous gift.     

For more on this topic and and other ways to be happier, I invite you to follow me at this website www.princessdianevonbrainisfried.com.


Bisous et tra la la,


Princess Diane Von Brainisfried

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