The Most French Girl Thing About French Girls

Dear Royal Friends,                                                                                              

I love being a bit like a French Girl. It gives a princess a certain air, a certain mystery, a certain feminine style with a powerful stance.  

There’s one aspect of being a bit like a French Girl that I’d like to suggest you adopt, because when I do it (and I do it every morning and throughout the day) it has a very uplifting effect on my spirits.  Can you guess what it is?  I’ll give you a hint: It’s one of The Most French Things about a French Girl.

When we think about what is The Most French Thing about French Girls, we might conjure up some cliche images like a jaunty girl in a beret, smiling as she pedals a bicycle with her long crusty baguette and a small round cheese wheel jostling around in the bicyle’s front basket along with a bottle of red. Perhaps she’s wearing a blue and white horizontally striped sweater. Or a striped something.  Possibly she’s sporting chin length fashionable hair.  Always fashionable hair.  But something would be missing from that scene.  What’s something you will never see on a French girl…but bet your bottom Euro, she’s always wearing ( besides pretty, sexy and pretty sexy undies?) 


















To illustrate how obsessed  French Girls are with their perfume, I recently went to a wedding in New York.  Seated next to me was a quasi-relative French Girl traveling from Paris who exuded a luxurious fragrant presence.  Yes, she had chin length hair. I asked her what fragrance she was wearing.  I figured she’s just gonna tell me, but no, she proceeds to Show & Tell me in the most astoundingly French Girl way.  

She opened her teeny weenie purse that was in the shape of a small orange.  More of a pouch than a purse, really. This purse looked large enough to hold maybe a driver’s license, a piece of bubble gum, and either a pencil stub or a tampon, but not both.   She  proceeded to pull out of this walnut of a thing, a full-sized bottle of Pamplelune by Guerlain. Not a sample, not a travel size, but a big, full size bottle.  I couldn’t have been more surprised  had she produced a full-sized rabbit. Wearing a beret. And a blue and white striped sweater.

Think about it. Perfume must have been so important to my relative, that she handicapped herself with a full, heavy bottle of the stuff, thereby displacing other important cargo…like say…her wallet and her phone!  But to a French Girl, it made perfect “sense.”  She’s French. I remembered how  a few years before the wedding this quasi relative  was visiting for another occasion. As she passed by the stairs in the house we were visiting, I breathed the trail of a beautiful scent just as deliciously divine as the one she wore at the wedding.  I also asked then what she was wearing. It was Prada’s Infusion d’Iris.   Her nose knows what she wears, and she takes shhhpritzing seriously. 

Another truly elegant and stylish French Girl friend of mine who, when I first met her,  always smelled like Caleche by Hermes. Years later she always smelled like 24 Faubourg by Hermes. She never didn’t smell great, just like my French relative.  

How do these French Girls do it? Waft around in their perfume clouds?

The secret is: “spray well and often.”  Have perfume will carry. None of this spray to last to the end of the day. If you want to be French-Girl worthy, you gotta cultivate Fragrance Vigilance. Perfume Priority. Spray and Stay.

So what’s on my dressing table? I have a number of perfumes that I wear from time to time, but right now I have three go-to’s that I wear most often to “Channel” my inner French Girl.   Chanel No 5 Eau Premier;  Hermes un Jardin en Mediterranee; and  Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior. 

Learn to channel your inner French Girl to start your day sweetly. Find a perfume that you love, that makes you happy, that uplifts your spirits, then spray well and often.  That way, wherever you go, there you smell. 



Princess Diane Von Brainisfried







Breast Cancer-Tip For Finding A Positive Attitude

Dear Royal Friends,

Life isn’t always a bed of roses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a sweet-smelling garden!  I’m so excited to reveal something to you today….

something very personal,  because if I can help just one of my royal friends face a difficult challenge like breast cancer with greater positivity, then I’ll be happier than a pig in a kosher kitchen. CLICK HERE FOR SHORT VIDEO where I bequeath to you a game-changer of a princess-worthy tip on how to face difficult challenges like breast cancer with a positive attitude.   Cause face it. In life’s garden, nobody escapes the weeds. It’s up to us to learn how to deal with them. 

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Princess Diane Von Brainisfried


There’s a big chunk o’ greatness inside of you!

Dear Princess~                                                                                        Did you know that the magnificent, breathtaking and awe-inspiring statue of David already existed beneath the giant chunk of marble, even before it was created?

According to the artist it did!  Michelangelo said of his statue, ”The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there. I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” 

If you’ve let life blow you hither, thither and yon (locations without GPS coordinates,) and you haven’t gotten a foothold into some big, bold, princess-worthy dreams, and you’re beginning to doubt that greatness is even there, rest assured that like the sculptor’s enormous  slab of marble, there is greatness within you!  And the most exciting news is, it’s your own unique, very special brand of greatness.                                                                                              

It’s time to start the excavation!  Go digging for that buried treasure inside of you! Starting NOW is  better than starting never.  We need every princess to contribute her own unique brand of talent!  Now is the best time to enrich yourself and by doing so, enrich the world.

Inspire us…. Let us know what you find on your excavation!



“Live your royally happy life!™”


Dear Royal Friends, 

If you’re a newbie princess like I am, it’s a little hard to get up to snuff.  I’ve had to do a lot of catching up in a short time, not only to fulfill my royal duties, but also to learn to live life the way a royal princess oughta. One of my self-appointed duties is to help other newbie princesses learn the (purple velvet) ropes of princess life.  In order to do that, I make lists of this stuff. 

Here’s my latest list. It’s not organized in any particular order, because neither is my brain. 

1. A comprehensive guide to the most elegant and princess-worthy public pit stops in your kingdom — in case you need that throne away from home on your royal tours.


The above is the glamorous entrance to New York City’s Waldorf Astoria’s ladies’ inner sanctum on the main floor.   

2. An auditorium-sized walk-in closet for your tiara collection.


Make sure it has theater-quality lighting.   

3. A signature perfume created by a famous “nose” just for you, with the perfect blend of evocative notes to reflect your sweetness and your refinement, as well as your bold essence. Make sure there’s not even a hint of mousiness. 











4. An hat that on a non-royal would look absolutely ridiculous…


















 …but on a royal just looks kinda ridiculous. 

5. A family “CREST” befitting your present royal status.



Absolutely essential for your front doormat, and by jove it looks swell on cocktail napkins.  

6. A Frenchie Locator App for your phone.

filippo-991912_1920Helpful to locate these cute little royal princess mascots anytime, anywhere, so you can pet them. 

7. Proper rain boots for those more formal occasions. 




 Sloshing about in muddy puddles with $2,000 pink peau de soi shoes on your tootsies is a total buzz kill. Trust me.

8. A crash course dedicated to international royal-speak.  


A princess needs to be able to purr in a multitude of languages such phrases as, “I love your tie. Is that Hermes?”  Or, “My what an adorable infant. Do you do Baby Einstein?”  Or in the hotter realms, “Yikes! Are those mosquitoes or birds?”  It’s a “tall” order, but you’ll be glad you did.

9.  Claim a signature expensive French wine as your favorite and make sure to order it frequently. So when the waiter (inevitably) brings you freebies, he won’t “monkey around” with the cheap stuff. And you won’t have to water the nearest plant!









What’s on your princess necessity list?  I’d love your comments!

TTFN,P!  (Ta ta for now, princess!)


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Dear Princess~

Did you know that the magnificent, breathtaking and awe-inspiring statue of David already existed beneath the giant chunk of marble, even before it was created?  According to Michelangelo, ”The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there. I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” 

Photo Credit: Don Fulano via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Don Fulano via Compfight cc

If you’ve been letting life blow you Hither and Thither (a place without GPS coordinates and really crappy cell reception), and you haven’t gotten a foothold into your big, bold dreams, or if you can’t find your big, bold dreams, rest assured that like an enormous marble slab,  there is greatness within you! Every princess (or prince) has her/his own, unique and very special brand of greatness.

As quoted in the golf movie,  The Legend Of Bagger Vance, “We all have an “authentic swing” inside of us but, “over time the world can rob us of that swing…it gets buried inside us under all our “wouldas and couldas and shouldas.”

The good news is, it’s never too late to begin your own excavation! Go digging for the precious buried treasure inside you! But how?

Here’s one way. Visualize what you would like your life to look like if money or time were no object. Writing a book of poems? Your memoirs? A visit to Paris with a working knowledge of French? Writing a blog about parenting? Get involved in a cause?  We are going for your essence here, because that’s the “stuff” of you that is most powerful. Your powerful stuffing.  You and the Thanksgiving turkey. Think of it like this: Is there something about you that is an itch that you’d finally like to scratch?  But how?  Here’s one solution:

Take one little step toward one of these goals by learning one aspect about how to go about doing it. Then learn one more aspect of doing it. Then another. Pretty soon you will have confidence to pick up the chisel and start excavating. If you have a friend who has some experience in the area of your interest, ask her to give you a little help. That’s what I did. My dear friend, Princess Karin, spent a few hours with me one day to help me get started on the “how to’s” of blogging; the rest is herstory.

Now that I’ve been writing a blog for a while, I’ve learned that there isn’t anything you can’t do when you’ve got Google at your fingertips 24/7. So even without a friend’s help, there are tons of tutorials on Youtube about even the most obscure topics.  Mead Hall Dancing?  Wig making in the Court of Louis XIV? Ancient royal underwear weaving? It’s like having your own private coach-in-a-box.

I still have much to learn about blogging, such as greater proficiency with Word Press and social media, and I encounter many frustrations. And I mean big ones. Last week I realized I lost more than 147 blog posts on my website. I had put them into trash, intending to make changes to them later, at which time I would “reactivate” them. Guess what? No can do. After thirty days….they go to blog post Elysian Fields.  Permanently. Yiiiiiiiiikes!  All that work, creative effort, and pearls of wisdom totally down the drain!  Like it or lump it, that comes with the territory.  So I sucked it up, and learned from it. Now I write everything in Word, then I dump it on the blog. 

But here’s the key. We make mistakes. We learn. And we learn some more. So what I want you to take away from this post, is that just because you don’t know how to do something from soup to nuts, or in an expert way, don’t let it keep you from getting started on your dreams, or from scratching your itch!  Don’t keep your soul encased in marble just because you don’t know how to chisel, let alone create something as magnificent as  Michealangelo’s David. Just start chipping away to get down to your own unique, marvelous inner core, or you’ll never know what’s in there. And you’ll never liberate your true, marvelous, joyous potential.

And funny thing is, as I continued to write princess posts, more dreams were uncovered. I became inspired by an idea to start writing a book and seminars on happiness and positivity. That was all underneath my marble before I started chiseling, but I had no idea it was there. I uncovered these dreams only because I was willing to take the first steps into the unknown in the world of one dream.  One idea. One itch.

So please, princesses! I encourage you. Go learn a little bit in an area that intrigues you. Then learn a little bit more. Then just jump in and “do.” Chip away at your block of marble. We need you to uncover all aspects of the magnificent work of art that you truly are. This inner work of art of YOU is the root of your beauty, your enthusiasm, your happiness, your joy, your powerfully inspired and inspiring essence.

Just like the statue of David, when you manifest this powerful, glorious essence of YOU, you will not only enrich yourself, but you will enrich all of us in the kingdom!  

Let me know what you find!


Princess Diane Von Brainisfried

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CLOSET PRINCESS – the most important secret inside a princess closet

Dear Royal Friends,

There’s nothing like the dream of a fabulous closet to bring out the princess in all of us.  As a newbie princess, I was curious to know what the most important secret in a princess closet might be.  To that end, I travelled to palaces and castles around the world.

 I must admit, I had some preconceived notions of what  that secret might be.  Little red velvet pillows to store tiaras?  Nope. Too cliche.  The popular color is lavender trimmed with gold fringe and four corners of gold tassels. Who knew? Glass slipper shoe trees?  Not many of those puppies around anymore. Glass has been replaced with lucite, and the trees bit the dust.

Then it occurred to me.  A princess is kind and generous….that’s it! The biggest princess closet secret is a deep recycle bin! I was right!  A real princess opens her closet to others and shares!  If one of the biggest closet perks of being a princess is a pant load of glamorous gowns, day outfits, purses, jewelry, tiaras and wraps, then the second biggest perk is being able to “wrap” that love around!  Every single princess I talked to shared this sentiment.  Most of them had a favorite charity or cause to donate to, say for proms, or for women interviewing for jobs or already in the workforce.  Of course they also passed a few of their favorites on to a little sister, a big sister, (or brother) or a royally good friend.  

Do you have some beautiful dresses or accessories that you could recycle for a some woman who could use them and who would appreciate their charm and the good karma that came with it? There are so many wonderful organizations that help other women to look amazing and feel confident for their proms, or when interviewing for a job or just trying to make it in the work force. Finding one of these organizations that will become a personal favorite of yours is merely a google a way. Wouldn’t you know, there’s even one called The Princess Project!!  

So princesses, let’s pull a few amazing pieces out of our closets and see if we can’t spread the joy, the love and the glam… and at the same time make room for more! It’s the most fabulous makeover we can do for your closet  besides a special shelf for the lily pad that some princesses had bronzed–

–the one upon which they found their Prince Charming.  Now that one, I didn’t see coming. 

TT4NP! Ta ta for now Princess, 





Dear Royal Friends, 

I love beauty secrets as much as the next princess.   Especially the time-honored ones. I mean, if they’re oft-repeated secrets, then they gotta be good, right? The difference between me and the next princess is, when it comes to my time-honored beauty secrets and advice, I’m chill and willing to spill!

Why am I divulging my time-honored beauty secrets when the others follow Queen-Mums-the-word?  Because as a newbie princess, I know how hard it is to suddenly have new beauty standards to live up to, while simultaneously being thrust into the public eye. Especially when that public eye has 20/20 vision.  

So hold on to your fascinators. Here, are….



10. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  Consider getting  some better-looking friends.

9. Your smile is your best asset. If it’s attached to a big mouth, not so much.

8. Put your best foot forward. Get a pedicure first.

7. Your eyes are the window of your soul.  On naughty days, keep the shades down.

6. Hats make hat head.  Wear a tiara.

5. Always wear sunscreen.  You’ll save yourself hundreds of wrinkles. The trick is to get rid of them after you’ve saved them. 

4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So don’t eat them.

3. Haste makes waste. So do prunes. Get a box. 

2. Add olive oil to your bath to make your skin soft. Add pasta  and you can multi-task your dinner.

1. Laugh your ass off.  You’ll never have to do another butt squat again.

TT4NP! (Ta Ta 4 Now, Princess!)



How To Handle Your Daily Little Frustrations

Bonjour my royal friends!

If you are anything like me, sometimes life’s little daily frustrations make me a little more “brain-is-fried” than a princess ought to be.  Recently, I saw an interview by Diane Sawyer with Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner, which gave me a completely new outlook on daily frustrations.  I hope this video gives you fresh eyes to cope with the inevitable little frustrations and itty bitty stresses and strains that visit us on a daily basis.

Click here to see videoHow To Handle Your Little Daily Frustrations

thisPhoto on 5-15-15 at 2.28 PM #2

Ta ta for now, princess






Dear Royal Friends ~

Learning to be happier is like taking singing lessons.

This occurred to me as I was warming up today, not in my Lululemons for yoga class, but in my heels and tiara for a master class in voice I’m giving this afternoon.  I am a tad worried, as my voice is a little

When we sing, if a note is flat and under pitch, we need to brighten the sound. How do we brighten the sound? One simple technique is to imagine a teeny weeny little smile on the inside of our head. We actually think the smile, and the sound becomes brighter.  Another technique is to give ourselves a little more support for the sound. 

That is incredible.  All it takes is the slightest suspicion of a smile, and we can go from being flat to being brighter and on key!  Or we might need to give ourselves a little more support. Then it hit me.  On the journey to our happier, brighter selves, often it merely takes small inner changes.

Before we can make these changes in life and in singing, we first need to be aware that we’re “off key.”  For those of you who are tone deaf, take heart; every day’s a new shower.

Here’s the “key.”  Even in our awareness, change doesn’t happen over night.  You might hit flat notes regularly until all the moving parts become second nature. Practice makes Puccini!

Life and singing lessons.  Small, learned changes, practiced over time, stamp out the flat notes, leading us to our inner bright sounds.   We just have to be aware that it’s possible, desire the outcome, learn the technique, and do the work.

I’m here for you, princess!

Bisous et tra la la,


Princess Diane Von Brainisfried

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Out of the closet – gratitude

Dear Princess ~

Yesterday was colder than the hair on a polar bear’s arse. But a princess goes where a princess must. Last night’s gala at the Hard Rock Cafe for New York Road Runner’s 36th Annual Club Night brought me and parts of my family into the city.  117900-default_4x6

The snow was hammering down on us, the slush was spraying up on us, and I was worrying that the whipping wet wind would shmear my makeup.  In an effort to travel light, I had docked my emergency make up kit at the palace, as it generally weighs as much as a small cannonball. 

In between that perilous worry, and trying to avoid the  slippery designer tribute medallions plastered along the 7th avenue sidewalk like bronzed man hole covers, I realized something.  Major gratitude… for my coat.

This was my first whirl in a gorgeous new winter coat, and she was keeping me truly protected from the elements.  It was a tad too long, which was perfect, because it made for a generous overlap with the top of my cutie faux fur cuffed shoe boots.  It had an elegant collar which transformed as a hood for extra protection over my Downton Abbey-ish hat. Once hooded, I was rendered invisible except for a small surface area of my face.  I had morphed into a walking cocoon, totally in control of when and where in this wicked weather I would re-emerge as my butterfly self.  

Gratitude, man.  My coat.  It made me stop and think, once again, how very important it is to count our blessings.  Cold is cold is cold. Wet is wet is wet. Cold and wet. Hungry and thirsty.  These things I am not.  Gratitude man. 

Let’s link pinkies to remember to have gratitude for our protections, and to  help those who are less fortunate.  Take away a great coat, we’re all in the same boat. 

“LIVE YOUR ROYAL LIFE!™”                                                     XOXOXOXO


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