Vicki Archer’s Best Kept Beauty Secret #9 will surprise you!

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Dear Beautiful Princess,                                                        I discovered the author, Vicki Archer, while I was roaming around Anthropologie.  She was resting flat on a table.  Not she, of course, but one of her fabulous books, “My French Life.”



“My French Life” is a cascade of engaging text and glorious photos of Ms. Archer’s life in the cobble-stoned French village of Saint-Remy-de-Provence.  

To a Francophile like me,  this wonderful book is like a brioche in a Paris bakery: enticing, beautiful to behold, irresistible, deliciously pleasing, delicate but gratifying…yet…you know you could eat more.                                                       

And I wanted more. I discovered Mme Archer’s elegant and enlightening blog,, which covers fashion, beauty and all things French!  Woohoo la la! I’ve become a royal, loyal fan.          

Mme Archer’s latest post reveals a beauty secret that’s of the intangible essence kind, which I think is a particularly French quality.  This beauty secret can’t be obtained with a regime or makeup.  But make no mistake.  Beauty Secret #9  will make you sparkle more than a diamond-studded tiara!  Enjoy Vicki’s Beauty Secret # 9 here!










Bisous et tra la la,


Princess Diane Von Brainisfried

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